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School Values

Goals for BCA Students


• Apply critical thinking skills

• Use creative thinking skills 

• Employ problem-solving skills

• Demonstrate effective oral and written communication skills

• Demonstrate competency in math, language, history, science, and Bible

• Read and comprehend narrative and expository text at age/grade appropriate levels

• Use computer skills

• Adapt grade appropriate research tools (dictionaries, library, encyclopedia, internet search             engines, keyboard skills, graphs, charts, map reading skills

Identify most effective methods of personal study and apply research tools to daily study


• Show respect for the body and physical fitness

• Use skills to the maximum potential

• Improve physical fitness and health

• Increased coordination and athleticism


• Exhibit a genuine love for God

• Exhibit a genuine love for others

• Recognize the KJV Bible as the authoritative source for our faith and practice

• Demonstrate a desire to grow in both grace and knowledge of the Lord

• Demonstrate obedience to the commands and principles found in the Word

• Analyze local, national, and world events in light of God’s truth

• Demonstrate a burden for the lost by sharing their faith

• Show respect for the church through regular attendance

• Show respect and appreciation for parents, teachers, and pastors, and rules

• Choose to seek and follow God’s will


• Demonstrate love the community through service

• Demonstrate the ability to be friendly and make friends

• Show appropriate confidence and humility in various situations

• Appreciate the fine arts

• Show love and respect for America

• Exemplify respect, courtesy, work ethic, proper etiquette, etc.


Biblical Emphasis

With all that we do at BCA, we keep Jesus at the center. Although we encourage students to have their own thoughts, we also teach them about the Bible and the truth it holds. The results will last longer if the students come to the conclusion that following the Bible is the correct way of life on their own. Only the KJV Bible is used for reading and assignments.

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