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Our Learning Environment

Excellence. That is not only a word that pops off the page, but it is the level of education we aim to provide to every student that daily walks through our doors and into our classrooms. Excellence is accomplished through a highly dedicated faculty, staff, and parent community that is committed to inspiring and impacting student lives while fostering a learning environment that develops the whole child.

Bible verses, stories, and songs help build a desire in each child to know God personally. Lessons from the Bible are used to give the students guidance and direction for their lives. Ultimately, we want our students to trust Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour and accept the Bible as the Word of God and as the only sure source of wisdom and instruction.


From insects and invertebrates to molecules and mass, students learn how man has classified and organized God’s creation, building upon discoveries from the past and reaching out to explore the future.

Language & Literacy

A program of phonics is taught to all  students. Short vowel sounds are taught first, and then the consonants. Subsequently, the children learn to blend their consonants with short vowels and every child begins reading. Manuscript writing is taught to all students, and it is integrated carefully into our reading and arithmetic curriculum. Because all students learn to spell phonetically, they are able to write and spell hundreds of words accurately.


The recognition, meaning, and writing of numbers are taught. The students learn to write their numbers from 1-100 by the end of the first semester. In addition, students learn to utilize manipulatives and subtract hundreds of different combinations, including in columns.


The meaning of American symbols, proper respect and attitude toward authority (including God's ultimate authority), basic civic functions, and historical lives and times will be introduced. Students will start out each day in a combined assembly pledging to the American flag, Christian flag, and the Holy Bible.

Physical Education

Students will learn to respect their body as a gift from God. In doing so, they will determine to not abuse their body as a temple for the Holy Spirit to indwell.They will understand the systems and functions of their body while choosing to honor God with a pure and wholesome lifestyle that includes age-appropriate fitness standards and physical activities.

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