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Welcome to
Christian Academy!

This is a special place, and my hope is that as you visit in person or peruse our website you will get a sense of the BCA family. We have created a vibrant, dynamic learning community where each student is inspired and encouraged to discover their God-given gifts, talents and passions and use them for HIS glory! -Dr. Dan Watts, Administrator

Welcome to Bethany Christian Academy!

Bethany Christian Academy (BCA) is a ministry of Bethany Baptist Church in Travelers Rest, SC.
BCA provides a Bible based Christian education so young people may live as pleasing to God. By following a Christian curriculum that weaves Christian teachings throughout, students develop the necessary skills to serve God for eternity.

Children are gifts from God to parents. BCA partners with parents to encourage their children to foster a loving relationship with God. BCA strives to maintain an excellence that focuses not only on educating but educating through a Biblical Christian worldview that is God honoring. 


The BCA Mission Statement

Acknowledging children as gifts from God to parents, Bethany Christian Academy partners with Bible believing parents and churches through quality spiritual and academic programs to equip students to live successful, Christ centered lives.

Why Bethany Christian Academy is the Answer


School Calendar

Application for Admission

  1. BCA Partners with Parent

  2. BCA serves as an extension of the family home and church.

  3. BCA upholds the values and morals that are taught in these areas.

  4. BCA Offers Balance & Direction

  5. BCA meets the needs of our students through the stellar instruction, classroom
    engagement, music, dramas, and social activities.

  6. BCA Offers a Blended Atmosphere

  7. BCA teaches the mind and reaches the heart in addition to offering academic classes and extracurricular activities.

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